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What Does Upgrading to a High-Efficiency HVAC System Do for You?

Central air conditioning unit in a residential backyard in front of a defocused wooden fence and lawn area with copy space.

The benefits of upgrading to a high-efficiency HVAC system can’t be overstated. Not only will you save money by reducing energy costs, but you’ll also be doing your part to conserve resources and help the environment. Here are some other reasons why you should seriously consider upgrading: Improved Comfort It’s no secret that having a […]

How Will the New HVAC Efficiency Standards Affect You?

High efficiency modern AC-heater inverter units, energy save solution-horizontal, outside an apartment complex

The HVAC industry has been creating new ways to make systems more sustainable. The new HVAC efficiency standards won’t have an immediate effect on your household or business. All new models have been required to meet the new standards since Jan. 1, 2023. New requirements for AC installations in the Southeast and Southwest went into […]

Signs That You Should Replace Your Furnace

Plumber repairing a leaking gas boiler of a heating home system. Service household gas appliances, concept.

Do you find yourself shivering and turning up the thermostat more and more frequently? Do you notice your furnace making strange noises or running for an extended period? If so, it may be time to replace your furnace. At Payne, we understand how important efficient and reliable heating systems are. We provide quality furnace installation […]

5 Warning Signs Your HVAC Air Filter Needs to Be Replaced

Soft Focus to Filter of Air handing Unit, Technician checking a Pre-filter of air handling unit for replacement a new filter - HVAC maintenance

The air filter in your house or apartment is the first line of defense for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. It protects against dust, dirt, and large particles that could enter the system and cause damage by clogging up your HVAC components. Here are some warning signs that your air filter needs […]

5 Tips to Save Money on Your Heating Bill This Winter

Save money and investment concept. Closeup piggy bank and silver coins falling. 3d rendering illustration

Winter is here, and with it comes the season of freezing temperatures. It is essential to stay warm throughout this time of year. However, now is the time to monitor your heating bills since this is when they tend to spike. So, how can you save money on heating? Here are a few simple steps. […]

What Signs Indicate You Should Replace Your Heating System?

Technician servicing an hot-water heater. Man check equipment of the boiler-house - thermometer

While winters in Tallahassee, FL are milder than in other areas of the country, local homeowners still rely on a good home heating system to stay warm when the temperatures dip into the high 30s. Even with regular maintenance, all heating systems will need to be replaced at some point. If you are wondering whether […]

Getting the Most Out of Your AC System

Air conditioning system installation embedded on wall of building.

With all that sunshine and all that rain, summers in Tallahassee, Florida can get mighty steamy. You can’t live without a reliable air conditioning system when it’s hot and muggy outside. Now that energy prices are soaring, though, it’s essential to use your AC as efficiently as possible. An Inefficient AC System Will Waste Your […]

The Qualifications of an HVAC Technician

Trained hvac technician holding a voltage meter, performing preventative maintenance on a air conditioning condenser unit.

An HVAC system serves an essential purpose in maintaining a comfortable environment in a home or business. As a result, technicians must be well-trained and prepared to provide a variety of HVAC services. Discover the education and skills necessary to be an effective HVAC technician. The Educational Requirements of an HVAC Technician The first educational […]

It’s Too Hot to Be Without AC Today!

Water leaking from the air conditioner drips from the cooler.

Imagine it’s going to be another hot day with high humidity, and you’re counting on your AC to provide nice cool air in your home. Unfortunately, your system doesn’t seem to be working today, and it’s getting warmer and more uncomfortable in your home. Midsummer days in Tallahassee need a good, working AC system. When […]

What Causes Condensation in My Air Ducts?

dent of air duct wait for repairing in the factory

Sometimes the reason for an air duct starting to sweat is simple. In the warm season when the air conditioning is on, ducts become cool as they transport the air throughout your home. When the warmer air outside the ducts comes into contact with the cooler material, the humidity in the air condenses, turning from […]