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Signs That You Should Replace Your Furnace

Do you find yourself shivering and turning up the thermostat more and more frequently? Do you notice your furnace making strange noises or running for an extended period? If so, it may be time to replace your furnace.

At Payne, we understand how important efficient and reliable heating systems are. We provide quality furnace installation and repair in Tallahassee, FL, and the surrounding area. Keep reading to learn to tell if it’s time to replace your furnace.

What Age Is Your Furnace?

You may not want to wait until your furnace dies before replacing it. The average life expectancy of a furnace is 15-20 years, and after this point, it begins to lose efficiency and reliability. Although regular maintenance and service can help extend its life, it won’t last forever.

To find out how old it is, look for the manufacturer’s information tag on your unit. This tag will provide the date of manufacture or installation. If the tag is scratched off, try looking at your records or receipts of any major repair work done, as they usually include this information. Also, you can contact the manufacturer, as they may be able to tell you the age of your furnace.

As your furnace nears 15-20 years of age, you should start monitoring it more closely. Pay attention to how much energy is used and how often small repair work is needed. If small repair costs increase or your energy bills rise, it may indicate that replacing the unit is your best option.

Does It Make Strange Noises?

Does your furnace make strange noises, such as rattling, thumping, banging, or popping? If so, it could indicate a problem with your furnace. These noises could signal that something is broken and needs to be fixed immediately.

Are Your Energy Bills Increasing?

Older furnaces were not built with a mind toward energy efficiency like newer models are. Plus, as it ages, your furnace will lose efficiency. If your energy bills are going up, it could mean that your furnace is no longer working as it should. Replacing an older furnace with a new Energy Star-certified model can result in significant savings every month.

Are You Experiencing Health Issues?

Are you or your family members constantly sneezing, coughing, or having unexplainable headaches, asthma, or respiratory problems? It could be a sign that your furnace needs to be replaced. An old furnace may be releasing harmful fumes into the air, so it’s beneficial to have it inspected by a professional. They can help determine if the furnace needs replacing or just a few repairs.

Knowing when to replace your furnace is essential to ensure it runs safely and efficiently. If you notice any of these signs, our technicians can inspect your furnace and ensure it operates correctly. For furnace installation and repair in Tallahassee, FL, contact the professionals at Payne. Our experienced technicians can help you determine if it’s time to replace your furnace.