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Your Heat Pump Deserves Professional Service for These Four Reasons

If your heat pump in Tallahassee, FL stops putting out the heated or cooled air you expect, you may think you can fix it yourself. You may know people who’ve successfully gotten their systems back up and running and think you can do it, too. Please think again, and consider these four reasons why your heat pump deserves professional service rather than a DIY attempt.

1. You Want to Maintain Efficiency

Your system serves you best when it’s operating efficiently. After all, that efficiency is part of why you chose a heat pump in the first place. That DIY hack you found online may sacrifice its efficiency.

To keep your system efficient, it must have the right amount of refrigerant at the proper pressure. It must also circulate air. If any of these aren’t happening as they should, efficiency starts to take a hit.

Lower efficiency puts a strain on the system, leading to additional problems in the future. A professional technician can get your system running again while maintaining the necessary operational efficiency.

2. You Want Your Heat Pump to Last

Your heat pump is a significant investment, and you want it to last as long as possible to reduce the annualized cost. However, trying a DYI hack may cut that life significantly short.

Any additional strain on your system affects all its components. After experiencing unusual strain over time, those components break down, needing replacement. When major components like the compressor fail, it’s common to install an entirely new heat pump rather than pay for extensive repairs.

3. Professionals Can Fix It for Less

Fixing your system will cost less when you have a professional repair it. First, the repairs themselves will usually cost less to perform. This happens because professionals make the right diagnosis the first time and have the know-how to perform the repairs without causing additional damage. They are also equipped with the right specialty tools, so you won’t have the expense of acquiring tools to complete the repair.

Beyond that, you’ll save money on operating costs because you’ve protected the system’s efficiency. You are also less likely to have additional repairs or have to purchase the same part multiple times due to incorrect handling.

4. You’ll Keep Your Warranty in Force

When the system fails for some reason, you want to know the company is going to back it up with the warranty they promised. However, many manufacturers include in the terms of their warranty that the unit must be serviced by professionals. Attempting to hack your system back into running may invalidate your warranty, leaving you footing substantial bills that could have been covered.

Don’t hurt your heat pump by attempting to perform repairs on your own. Call to schedule your heat pump service in Tallahassee with the experts at Payne’s Air Conditioning & Heating today.