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5 Ways to Keep Your Heat Pump Efficient Year-Round

As hot as summer can be in Florida’s capital city, winter in Tallahassee can bring temperatures that dip below freezing and even into the single digits. A heat pump is an incredible tool to keep your home comfortable throughout the year, but it needs regular attention to provide the heating and cooling you need. Check out these five ways to keep your heat pump operating efficiently this winter and in all the seasons ahead.

1. Change Your Air Filter

Adequate airflow is necessary to keep your heat pump effectively moving conditioned air throughout the HVAC system and your home. The air filter protects your system’s internal components from airborne contaminants that restrict the airflow.

Plan to check your filter monthly to catch it as soon as it gets dirty enough to prevent air from flowing through it. While checking it, gently vacuum the intake side to remove loose dirt and debris and boost its efficiency between changes.

2. Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clear

Your outdoor unit also needs to keep air flowing through it. Unfortunately, this is often restricted by debris around your unit.

A 24-inch clearance is needed around your outdoor unit to allow air to flow in and out. Clear away debris after storms, and make sure to trim back weeds and bushes.

3. Manage Your Thermostat Effectively

Managing the thermostat on a heat pump is a little different than adjusting one for a furnace. In winter, it’s recommended to keep your temperature constant with a heat pump. They’re designed to run nearly constantly to maintain your home’s temperature.

If you lower the temperature over the winter, you’re likely to engage the emergency heater when you raise it again. These emergency heaters are extremely inefficient and will easily negate any savings from lowering the temperature in the first place.

Over the summer, plan to raise your temperature by 7 to 10 degrees while you’re not home. You can program the thermostat to adjust your temperature automatically so that your home is always comfortable while you’re there.

4. Ensure That You Have Good Circulation

Your system must be able to circulate air throughout your home to keep a constant and comfortable temperature. While it’s running, the air around your supply vents is high, and the air around your return vent is low.

The pressure difference causes the air to move as it equalizes that pressure, moving the heat around your home. Both your supply and return vents must be clear to make this circulation effective.

5. Stay Current With Routine Maintenance

Your system also needs professional attention to keep it running at optimal efficiency. This is done through routine maintenance, in which a technician cleans, inspects, and tests your unit.

They will clean the coils in both the inside and outside units, along with the circulating fan wheel. They’ll test each component to make sure they’re activating properly, along with testing the refrigerant’s pressure. Finally, they’ll check and tighten mounting hardware and electrical connections.

Keep your system working efficiently throughout the entire year. Call to schedule your heat pump maintenance appointment with our experts at Payne’s Heating & Air, LLC today.