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How To Save Money On Your Heating Bill This Winter

With the cost of natural gas and electricity continuing to climb, residents are always interested in cutting their heating bills without giving up any comfort. For those willing to invest just a small amount of time this fall, there are many ways to have a significant impact on your winter heating bills and even extend the life of your furnace.

Airflow Is Critical

Many homeowners try to make the most of every square inch of their homes. And that means that the space around their furnace is called into duty as extra storage space. Unfortunately, those boxes, bags, and cartons of belongings could be adding stress to your home’s furnace. All furnaces need several feet of clear space around the unit to promote airflow. If too much stuff is piled around your furnace, the air intake is forced to work too hard to draw air into the unit. And that added stress is consuming more energy and money. Keep plenty of space between your furnace and all the stuff you store in the area. It will also make it faster and easier for service and cleaning to keep your furnace running as cost-effectively as possible.

Spend A Little To Save A Lot

Just like a vehicle, your furnace needs regular maintenance and tune-ups to operate at its peak efficiency. Scheduling this annual appointment in the early fall is the best way to ensure that your furnace will be ready to heat your home on that first cold night of the fall. It is also ideal to know that any adjustments or repairs are taken care of before they turn into significant and costly damage to the unit. So spend a little bit on a professional tune-up and sleep well this fall, knowing that your furnace is ready to take care of your loved ones and your home as soon as cold weather arrives.

Give Your Furnace A Little Help This Winter

You can help your furnace out with its job this winter by closing curtains at night to keep the heat in your home and opening them when it is sunny outside. That added sunlight radiating in your windows delivers free heating. In addition, carpeting and rugs add a layer of insulation to your floors to help maintain the warmth provided by your furnace. Both of these tips are cost-effective ways to keep warm and lower your energy bills this winter.

Share A Home Cooked Meal

Another appliance that can help warm your home is your oven. When you are baking or roasting, it adds some heat to the surrounding rooms. Treat yourself and your family to some home-cooked meals and added freshly baked treats to add a little extra warmth to your home.

Flip The Switch On Ceiling Fans

Your ceiling fans can be reversed in the winter months to push warm air down from the ceiling to the lower space where you are relaxing. This tip is especially effective in homes with high or vaulted ceilings. While the fans do not increase the temperature in the room, they make it feel more comfortable for you and your loved ones by circulating the warmed air more evenly.

If you have questions about increasing the efficiency of your furnace or need to schedule a tune-up, call (850) 831-4599. The experts at Payne’s Heating and Air Conditioning will check all the vital components of your furnace and heating system to ensure that you are ready for the cold weather that will soon arrive. And if there are any necessary repairs, we will provide you with a complete cost quote to immediately complete the work.