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4 Things That Prevent Your AC From Keeping Your Home Cool And Comfortable

We all rely on our home’s air conditioning to keep us comfortable throughout the warm summer months. But human nature kicks in, and we demand to be cool and comfortable but do not want to spend too much for the privilege. So it is a constant battle of wanting to have it all. First, the thermostat gets turned down, but then the electric bill arrives, and you relent and turn the temp up a few degrees to save some money. However, there are a few simple items that you can address that will allow you to stay cool and still save some cash.

A Clean AC Is A Happy AC

Keeping your air conditioning equipment clean is essential for its proper and energy-efficient function. Unfortunately, that excess dirt acts as an insulator to prevent the unit from producing all the cool air you want inside your home. So when you start to see more dust in the air or notice the general air quality in your home has decreased, it is time to take action. A little TLC will provide wonderful results.

The first place to address is the air filter. As it does its job to remove dust and dirt that could damage the AC components, it becomes clogged and caked with dust. That dust limits the airflow into the AC and reduces its ability to cool your house. Regularly replacing the air filter will increase your comfort level, reduce the stress on your AC system, and extend its life expectancy.

An Annual Check-Up

Just like humans, your AC needs a regular check-up and some professional maintenance each year. This is when your HVAC expert will check belts, electrical connections, clean the internal components, and local any minor issues that can be affordably repaired to head off more costly problems in the future. This AC tune-up is much like an automobile tune-up. It will increase the performance of your AC and allow you to get the most for your cooling dollars.

The Age Of The AC Equipment

We all know that as any device ages, it becomes less efficient and reliable. And when it comes to your air conditioner, this is very true. Most systems will last between 15 and 20 years, depending on the environment, how much the unit runs, and the care it receives over its lifetime. And as you might have guessed, regular cleaning and professional maintenance become even more important as your air conditioner passes the 15-year mark and heads for two decades in age.

As you close in on the end of life of the unit, your HVAC pro will be able to provide you with very valuable insight. With professional care each year, you might be able to reach a few years beyond the average. However, your expert will also predict rather accurately when it is time to be proactive. Replacing an older unit before total failure is best to avoid an outrageous bill and a few very uncomfortable days. Take advantage of lower pricing in the off-season and know that the installation can last for days because you don’t need to run the AC immediately.

Poor Insulation

While your home’s insulation is not part of the AC system, it has a direct impact on how cool your house is. Added insulation will reduce the workload of your AC and furnace for lower year-round energy bills. If your home never retains heat or cool air well, check the insulation.

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