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Why Am I Running Out Of Hot Water So Soon?

There is never a good time to run out of hot water. So when you find that your hot water supply is not as ample as it once was, you begin to wonder if there is an issue with your water heater or the plumbing lines inside your Tallahassee home. But you could be shocked to learn that many things could be limiting the amount of hot water you have to enjoy when showering. Some of the issues can be corrected very easily and affordably, while others are not such a simple fix.

Old Age

Let’s begin with the issue that comes on after about 15 years of reliability from your water heater. Even if you have provided annual maintenance and perfect care, that unit will begin to wear out. And one of the typical indications of old age is a water heater that does not provide as much hot water. You might also have noticed that the water is not getting as hot and it once did. And finally, you might also be seeing signs of rust and corrosion on the water heater tank and another component. When these indications are visible, a new water heater is the solution to another decade-plus of plenty of hot water.

Old Pipes

If you have a relatively new water heater, the other issue could be older water lines. Unfortunately, old water pipes can become blocked by corrosion and mineral buildup. So even if your water heater is meeting your needs, the hot water lines could be blocked to the point that they are not able to carry enough hot water to make your shower feel warm and inviting. Your licensed plumber can examine the pipes with a tiny camera to determine if a pipe replacement is the solution to getting the hot water your need.

A Much More Affordable Solution

If your water heater has not been getting the care it deserves and needs, you could be worried about a large replacement bill coming your way. However, the issue could be as simple as a buildup of sediment inside the water heater holding tank. All water contains some minerals. And over time, they settle to the bottom of the water heater holding tank and form a layer over the heating element. The result is often water that is not as hot as it once was. Unfortunately, many people mistake this issue for the early warning of a water heater failure and replace the unit. But the true fix is to drain and flush the tank. That cleaning process will remove the sediment and restore the ability of the heating element to produce the hot water you need for bathing.  

Is The Issue Throughout Your Home?

Before you blame your water heater, be sure that the lack of hot water is throughout your home. Many times, the valve on a shower can begin to wear out. The result can be a lack of hot water due to a hot water valve failure. This is a simple fix that includes nothing but replacing a rather affordable shower valve or even an entire showerhead and faucet replacement. But the cost will be nowhere near the replacement price for a water heater.

To ensure that you are getting a reliable solution for your home’s hot water issues, only trust a licensed plumber to evaluate your hot water issues. Call (850) 831-4599 and know that the experts at Payne’s Heating and Air Conditioning  have decades of combined experience helping homeowners in the community find cost-effective solutions to all their plumbing concerns. And each repair or installation comes with a complete warranty on parts and labor.