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The Top Reasons to Upgrade to a Smart Air Conditioner

Smart air conditioning systems have become increasingly popular and significantly changed the industry. These systems are a result of the demand from consumers for systems with more modern and innovative features. If you are still undecided about upgrading to a smart AC, this article will explain why upgrading would be a smart investment.


One of the biggest advantages of a smart AC is that you can control it from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. You can also set up the system to automatically control the temperature. You can set it to your desired temperature and never adjust it again. Some systems allow you to install smart sensors throughout your home to detect when a room or home isn’t occupied and adjust the temperature for maximum energy savings. This can also reduce wear and tear and extend the life of your system by reducing the overall operating time.

Smart Home Integration

Most smart AC systems are designed to work with popular voice-activated systems like Amazon Alexa. This allows your AC to integrate with a variety of other devices. You can also benefit from new features from technological advancements. The system is connected to Wi-Fi, so you can be immediately notified by email or via the app of a problem with your system, including temperature control, Wi-Fi, or power failures. Some systems even offer the ability to see energy usage reports and notify you when maintenance needs to be performed. These features help ensure you stay on top of maintaining your system.

Increased Efficiency

One of the biggest problems with traditional AC systems is that you have to be present to monitor and control the temperature from the thermostat manually. This means making multiple trips throughout the day to adjust the temperature. If no one is at home or you are sleeping at night, the temperature will remain at its last setting, resulting in wasted energy and increased costs. A smart AC system solves all of these problems.


Most smart AC systems come with an auto-restart feature. This allows you to quickly reset the system at the push of a button. This can be used in cases of power surges or a complete loss of power. There also may be times when the system is not functioning properly and a reset may solve the issue. This feature can also protect your system during certain situations.

Smart AC systems can also reduce wear and extend the life of your system. For additional information or to schedule a smart air conditioner installation, contact us at Payne’s Heating and Air in Tallahassee, FL today.