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Signs That Your Furnace Needs To Be Replaced

No one wants to be cold in their own home. But homeowners are also quick to say that the expense of a new furnace is not something that they are looking forward to facing. So they are trying to make do with their current unit to save for a new one. But in many cases, it can be far more costly to continue to pour money into an old, outdated furnace. Expensive repairs and low energy-efficiency are only two of the issues. The most critical problem is that your aging furnace is just not keeping your home warm anymore. But how can you be sure that you have reached that point when a replacement is the only smart option?

Your Furnace Is Over 15

Most modern furnaces have a life expectancy of around 20 years. But keep in mind that this estimate comes from the manufacturer, who expects the owner to provide the machine’s annual maintenance and service. If you have not been investing in yearly tune-ups for your HVAC system and not changing the air filter very regularly, then at the 15-year mark, it is time to begin shopping for a new unit. Of course, if you live in a milder climate, the life of your furnace could be extended because of less use. Likewise, if you live in a very cold region, your furnace might only make it a little over a decade without proper care and service.

The Operating Cost Is Growing

You may love having a furnace that is paid for and still operating. But one of the significant drawbacks to an older furnace is its energy-efficiency. Older models can’t heat your home as cost-effectively as a newer model. So you will see that your energy bills are continuing to climb. And you can reach a point where it is smart to replace an older unit that is still operational because the energy cost is simply too high.

The other drawback of an older furnace is the increase in repair costs. If you are experiencing annual repairs that are starting to add up to a significant amount, think about applying that hard-earned money to the purchase of a new furnace. Not only is it nerve-wracking to worry about the reliability of an old unit and the potential damage from frozen pipes and other issues if the unit fails, but no one wants to live in a cold house while they wait for a new furnace installation.

Your Furnace Is Noisy

While you might have gotten used to the sounds of your home, and your old furnace, others appear shocked when they hear the rattling and groaning of the unit. All of these odd sounds are indications of trouble with your old furnace. The rattling is likely loose ductwork, screws, and sheet metal. Popping is from the old parts heating and cooling. Humming means that the fan motor is not functioning correctly and should be serviced and maybe even replaced. And squealing sounds indicate that the blower motor is on its last legs. In short, these odd sounds are the death rattles of your furnace and a strong signal for you to begin shopping for a replacement.

No one is ever excited to invest in a new furnace for their home. But once the installation is completed, there is a distinct level of satisfaction and comfort. Knowing that you have reliable heat in your home is priceless. To learn more about your options for a new furnace installation, call (850) 831-4599. The professionals from Payne’s Heating and Air Conditioning will provide you with a variety of options to meet the needs of your home and your budget. And we include a complete warranty on the installation process and the equipment we install. Don’t suffer through another cold winter. Call in the pros for the best deal in town on a new furnace.