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Air Conditioner during maintenance

Know When to Repair Your AC and When to Replace It

Keeping your home cool and dry can be a big task for an older air conditioning unit. Repairs may be few and far between if you’ve been getting your AC serviced regularly. However, even a well-maintained older unit is less efficient than new models. Air conditioning technology is constantly improving, so a new model may provide you with much more comfort and cheaper utility bills over time.

Pros and Cons of Repairing Your AC Unit


Nearly any repair will be easier on your budget than a full central air conditioning replacement will cost. You can protect your AC unit with careful seasonal maintenance, and it may even be possible to invest in a sizable repair, such as a new compressor.

If you’ve recently bought a home and you don’t know the air conditioning unit’s repair or maintenance history, a good cleaning and servicing is key. Your AC repair technician can likely provide you with information on the age and efficiency of the AC unit.


Even with regular services and occasional repairs, air conditioning units wear out. Even when running at peak performance, your older AC unit will not be as efficient as a new one. Additionally, replacement parts for your repair may either be extremely costly or unavailable.

Pros and Cons of Replacing Your AC Unit


As noted above, your new AC unit will likely be much more efficient than the previous one. If your utility bills are high in the summer months, you may find that your new AC system can help you stay much more comfortable for less money.

If you’ve been spending a great deal on AC repairs, your new unit will help reduce that expense. Review your warranty to make sure that you follow through with the required maintenance and servicing of the unit.


There may be some sticker shock when you find out what your new AC unit will cost. There’s also the risk of delays when it comes time to install your new unit. However, replacing your worn-out AC unit will likely not take much longer than repairing it did. Once you have made this one-time, up-front payment, you will have easy access to consistent coolness with little disruption.

Your Tallahassee, FL home needs an efficient, effective air conditioner in good repair, so contact Payne’s Heating and Air for a thorough review of the age and condition of your AC unit so you can determine the most cost-effective way to stay cool now and in the future.