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Is Your Thermostat To Blame For Your AC Issues?

Even with proper care and cleaning of your air conditioning equipment, it is possible to discover that the system is just not keeping your home as cool and comfortable as you would like. Many homeowners quickly become frustrated thinking that it is necessary to invest in a costly new AC when the only problem lies in their thermostat. This small and often overlooked component is the brain of your entire heating and cooling system. And unless you are using the thermostat correctly, your home might never reach that ideal temperature you desire.

Your Thermostat Needs To Be Programmable

Old-style thermostats with a sliding switch are things of the past, hopefully. If this is the style that is in your home, a replacement is essential. But before grabbing the first thermostat, you find with a sleek digital display, be sure that the unit is programmable. Today’s HVAC systems operate most effectively and efficiently using a 24 hour a day program. 

A programmable thermostat will allow you to set a complete program for both cooling and heating your home. It will get the most benefit from lower-cost energy on a time of day plan and slight temperature adjustments when no one is home, or you are sleeping.

If You Already Have A Programmable Unit

If you are not as happy with your programmable thermostat as you once were, there could be two factors influencing your level of satisfaction. The first issue is the cleanliness of the thermostat. You might not know that you should be doing more than wiping off the cover when you clean. Remove the front cover and carefully dust the inside to remove dust from the components. Even a light coating of dust inside the thermostat can create inaccurate readings and result in your discomfort.

The other common issue could be the placement of your thermostat. If you have not relocated the thermostat but are dissatisfied with its performance, think about what might have changed. Are you opening curtains that were once left closed? That could result in sunlight altering the thermostat’s reading. Even changing window coverings can result in a variation in the sunlight hitting the thermostat. Or something as unique as removing a tree that used to shade a window and block sunlight from hitting the thermostat. If the location is now a concern, your AC pro can quickly relocate the thermostat to a more suitable location.

The Benefits Of Smart Thermostats

Some homeowners struggle to learn new technology at first. But the time you invest in getting the most from a smart thermostat will quickly be rewarded with added comfort and lower energy bills. Some money-saving features include:

  • Smartphone Integration- Using your phone’s GPS information, the thermostat will adjust the house temperature accordingly when you are away from home.
  • Remote Program Adjustments- Your programmable thermostat will learn your routine and cool your home accordingly. But if you will be later than usual getting home, you can adjust the temperature setting to cool your home just before you arrive. Likewise, if you are going home early, you can drop the temperature to a more suitable level before getting home.
  • Historical Data- This feature lets you review your cooling or heating history to see when you were more energy efficient. It can be a great tool to help you determine where you can increase your savings.

To learn more about programmable thermostats and the cost to install one in your home, call (850) 831-4599. The AC professionals at Payne’s Heating and Air Conditioning  will evaluate your system and needs to provide you with the perfect new thermostat.