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Interesting Facts About ACs and Their Installation

When the warm weather comes to our region, it can be so nice to get relief from the heat with an air conditioner. You’ll have many options to consider, and you might be surprised to learn some interesting facts about them.

We’ve Come a Long Way Since Ice

Before modern advancements, people used to harvest ice. That ice was then used to cool rooms. In the 1840s, Dr. Gorrie worked on an artificial cooling device that could help hospitals stay cool, but the idea didn’t take off. In 1902, Willis Carrier came up with an air conditioner that could cool down the publishing company that he worked for. Before he developed his device, the company had a hard time with pages getting wrinkled in the humid summers. Carrier’s idea was a success, and he went on to found the Carrier Engineering Corporation, an early pioneer in the industry. Some of their clients were movie theaters because the theaters were places where people went to escape the heat.

Ductwork Isn’t Required

If you’d like to install a central air conditioning unit, you will need ducts in your home. This way, cool air can get evenly distributed. If you don’t have ductwork and are not planning on getting it installed, you can still enjoy air conditioning. A mini-split system will solve your issue. Mini-splits can be mounted in a variety of locations and can cool down a house very effectively.

Opportunities for Customization

When preparing for an air conditioner installation, you’ll have time to think about what will work best for you. Do you prefer to have one zone for your entire home, or do you want to split up your place into multiple zones? The advantage of different zones is that they give you greater control over the temperature. You might want to keep your bedrooms at a cooler temperature than the common areas at night, and the opposite might work during the day.

New Technology Is Available

Smart thermostats and advanced air conditioners are becoming more common. With a smart thermostat, you can make adjustments with a mobile device. The system can even learn your habits and take proactive measures to keep you comfortable and help you conserve energy. Through geofencing, a smart thermostat can sense when you’re coming home and will start cooling your place so that it’s comfortable when you arrive. Some of the newest air conditioners can do amazing things, like generate power usage reports and understand voice commands.

ACs Can Do So Much

An air conditioner can prove to be so useful when the temperature rises. Manufacturers make a variety of ACs, so you can decide which one might be best. Contact our team at Payne if you’re looking for a reputable company that can take care of your air conditioning installation in Tallahassee, FL.