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How To Get The Most For Your Heating Dollars

The constant increase in the cost of everything related to operating and caring for your home makes staying on a budget more critical than ever. And as winter nears, one of the significant expenses most residents will face is heating their homes. It feels like a constant balancing act to keep your home comfortable and have the utility bills stay as manageable as possible. However, with a few tips, you can enjoy lower heating costs without being forced to tolerate a less comfortable home this winter.

Spend A Little To Save A Lot

All mechanical equipment needs some care and service from time to time. And in the case of your home’s furnace, that care is essential to prevent some significant and costly repairs. In addition, when the cold weather settles in for the winter, you will depend on that single heat source to keep your loved ones and home warm and safe. So think of a furnace tune-up as a bit of an insurance policy.

Your HVAC professional will inspect the entire unit looking for indications of wear and tear as well as damage to the components of the system. Locating any tiny issues and correcting them before the winter heating season will ensure that you have heat throughout the winter. In addition, it will prevent further damage to the furnace that could occur if a small part shatters. And finally, the unit will be thoroughly cleaned and ready to provide you with heat as efficiently as possible. These proactive steps are the best way to keep your heating costs as reasonable as possible while avoiding costly budget-busting furnace repairs.

Invest In Quality Window Treatments

You might not think of curtains as a part of your home’s heating system, but they do have a significant supporting role in the comfort of your home. Thick curtains will help lock in the warmth and block out the cold in the winter months. But they can also be blocking out some free warmth if you are leaving them closed all day. So instead, take advantage of the warmth of the sun whenever possible. On sunny days, throw open the curtains and allow that added solar heating to warm up your house for free. Just be sure that you close the curtains as soon as the sun moves away from the windows.

Technology To The Rescue

Even though installing a new thermostat will cost a bit, think about upgrading to a programmable model. These innovative devices allow you to program different temperature settings for various times of the day and night. So when you are away from home, let the temperature drop a few degrees to save on your heating cost. Then set the program to warm the house again just before you get home from work or the kids get back from school.

In addition, you can save money while you are sleeping. Let the house temperature drop a few extra degrees at night to reduce your heating costs. You will never notice the change as long as the program warms the house just before your alarm clock wakes you. Between the time you are sleeping, and away from the house regularly, you can reduce your heating costs by over 50% of the time your furnace is heating your home.

For more information about the cost of installing a programmable thermostat or to schedule service for your furnace, call (850) 831-4599. The certified experts at Payne’s Heating and Air Conditioning  are eager to help you get the most out of your furnace and heating dollars this winter. And all of our work comes with a full warranty for added peace of mind.