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Tips for Summer Furnace Maintenance

hand cleaning heater floor vent

With summer approaching, many are shifting their focus to air conditioning systems, which makes it easy to overlook furnaces. However, this time of year is perfect for ensuring your heating system can perform optimally when you need it again. Here are some essential tips for summer furnace maintenance. Replace the Air Filter Regularly One simple […]

How Furnace Spring Cleaning Reduces Energy Bills

technician working on a furnace

As a resident of Tallahassee, FL, you rely on your furnace to help you combat the cold weather in winter. Every time you use it, though, you also use a small amount of energy. While replacing it with a modern HVAC system and a smart thermostat can save you money, so will cleaning it. See […]

5 Goals to Set for Your Furnace for the New Year

family of three with cups of tea

As the new year approaches, it is not only the perfect time for you to set personal goals but also an excellent opportunity to make the health of your furnace a top priority. Because your furnace plays an integral role in ensuring your comfort during the winter months, you must set some goals for your […]

7 Signs That You Need a Furnace Repair Before the Holidays

Technician Trying To Fix the Problem with the Residential Heating Equipment.

The temperature begins to drop this time of the year, and you’ll want your heating system working for the holidays. Your heat doing nothing after turning it on could mean you have a problem with your system. There are other signs of needing a furnace repair before the holidays to look out for. 1. A […]

6 Signs You Should Replace Your AC This Fall

Your air conditioner removes heat and humidity from your home to create a comfortable living space. Fall is perfect for an AC inspection since the weather is cooler. There are multiple ways to tell if you need to replace your AC this fall. 1. Air From AC Doesn’t Seem Right The air from the AC […]

How to Optimize Your Thermostat Settings

A couple set the thermostat at home

The thermostat maintains the temperature in your residence even when people do not occupy it. When you’re home, it can be set to the desired comfort level, but when no one is present, the device automatically turns on to maintain that temperature. At least, that’s how older thermostats functioned. Newer, energy-efficient models are programmable. They […]

4 Tips to Prep Your Heater for Spring

One hand adjust thermostat digital in fahrenheit at home

As winter winds down and you prepare for warmer spring weather, you’ll probably use your heater less often. If it’s time for the heating system to go dormant, you’ll find that it works better next winter if you perform spring maintenance before your system sits idle for several months. The following four tips can help […]

Why You Should Upgrade Your HVAC System

Repairman in uniform installing the outside unit of air conditioner close up

Your home’s HVAC system is one of the most important pieces of equipment you have. Not only does it keep you comfortable all year long, but it also plays a role in your health and safety. That’s why it’s important to ensure that it’s up to date and working properly. This article will examine six […]

Keeping Your HVAC System in Good Working Order During the Holidays

Hand adjusting temperature on air conditioner with remote control, Working air conditioner for comfort temperature in home at hot summer

With the holidays upon us, your HVAC system is going to be called upon to keep not only you but also your guests comfortable as you celebrate together. This means the rooms are warm but not too warm and the air is kept fresh and clean, which is a challenge when there’s a lot of […]

Keep Your Thanksgiving Guests Warm With Fall HVAC Maintenance

Technician is checking air conditioner ,measuring equipment for filling air conditioners.

When you’re making plans to host a Thanksgiving gathering for your friends and family members, you probably feel like you have a million things on your to-do list. In addition to prepping for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, you also want to make sure that your guests are comfortable in your Tallahassee, Florida home. Fortunately, Tallahassee […]