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7 Signs That It Is Time to Replace Your AC

The air conditioner is critically important for staying comfortable during a hot summer day. Preventive maintenance can help ensure your AC works efficiently and has a long lifespan. Despite routine maintenance, the air conditioner will need to be replaced at some point. It’s best to know when that time comes before the AC completely stops working. Look for these seven signs.

1. The AC Blows Out Hot Air

When the air coming out of the AC is almost as hot and humid as the air outside, something’s not right. The problem may be an easy-to-repair leak or a dirty evaporator coil, but it could also be something more severe.

2. The Thermostat Is Wrong

If the thermostat reads 77 degrees Fahrenheit but it feels much hotter than that, then the thermostat isn’t connecting to the AC unit the right way. It might be something simple like a malfunctioning sensor, but it could also be a much bigger problem that can’t be repaired.

3. The AC Sounds Like It’s Dying

Clanking, banging, and other weird sounds indicating the AC unit is resistant to working properly mean there’s definitely a problem. It may be that something is loose, but, especially with an older unit, it might also be the AC is near the end of its lifespan.

4. You Notice Unusual Smells

Mold likes to grow in hot, moist places, which makes an AC the perfect hiding place. Mold could indicate a leak somewhere in the unit. Strange smells might also come from burnt wire. Whatever the cause, bad smells coming from the AC are never a good thing.

5. It’s Leaking

You may notice something dripping from the AC unit outside or wet spots on the ceiling or wall. Leaks are always a sign of a problem. Some are easy to fix. Others indicate that you need a new AC.

6. You Keep Having to Get Repairs

If you’re calling a technician to your house a lot for the sake of repairing the air conditioner, consider the unit’s age. It may be that it’s just too old to keep working effectively.

7. Your Electric Bills Are Exceptionally High

Energy bills are already high. If you receive an unusually high bill, especially if there are other signs that your AC is having problems, there’s an issue within the unit. A new, energy-efficient AC may be the best way to lower your bills.

Replace Your Outdated AC and Save Money

If you need to replace your AC, call or visit us at Payne in Tallahassee, FL. Our experienced technicians will get your home ready to keep you comfortable during the hot Michigan summers.