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5 Heating Mistakes That Are Costing You Money And Comfort

Most homeowners are well aware that heating is one of their most significant expenses during the year’s cold months. So it only makes sense that consumers sift through the tips and articles on the Internet in search of legitimate ways to reduce heating costs. But unfortunately, there is a massive amount of misinformation floating around out there. And five of the most common tips can end up costing you money and decreasing your comfort level.

Crank Up The Temperature

If you are cold, then it is time to turn up the thermostat. But it only takes an increase of about two degrees to activate your furnace. Turing the thermostat up by ten degrees is not going to get your home warm any faster. There are only two positions for your furnace, off and on. So increasing the thermostat substantially will not activate a superheating mode. It will only result in the furnace running for an exceptionally long time. And that will overwork the equipment and result in added wear and tear and a premature end of life for the unit. Be patient and increase the thermostat slowly until you are comfortable. This will save money and wear on your HVAC equipment.

Keep The Heat In

While this is not related to misinformation, it is often overlooked information. Your home needs to be well insulated and well-sealed to maintain the warm air. Places that can rob you of your heated air include windows and doors with gaps, cracked windows, and windows with poor insulation factors. Repairing any of these leaks is always the best option. But you can also add to the insulation factor at windows by installing heavy curtains to retain the heat. Adding insulation walls and ceilings will also help maintain your home’s temperature and reduce your heating expenses.

Alternate Heating Sources

If your HVAC system is functioning correctly, you should not need to supplement your home’s heating with space heaters or a fireplace. If you do, it is best to invest in a visit from your trusted HVAC pros to determine what is causing your heating system’s failure. Using a fireplace or space heaters is often more costly than having your heating system inspected and properly repaired. Think of a furnace tune-up like you do a tune-up for your vehicle. The small amount you invest will result in optimal performance and eliminate your need for additional heat sources. It will also remove the safety hazards associated with space heaters, such as fires and electrical overloads.

Closing Doors And Vents

When operating correctly, your home’s HVAC system should provide all the heat you need for your entire home. By closing doors and vents, you will not save any money on lower utility bills, nor will it increase the temperature in other areas of your home. Instead, closing vents will create added pressure and imbalance in your home’s ductwork. This will result in added stress on your HVAC equipment and can result in damage.

The Wrong Heating Schedule

Some places swear that keeping your home at a consistent temperature 24/7 is the most economical option. They claim that it costs less to maintain a steady temperature. But the truth is that lowering the temperature when you are away or sleeping is more cost-effective. And these periods allow the equipment a break. Using a programmable thermostat offers the most cost-effective solution without sacrificing your comfort.

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