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5 Benefits of Having an AC Maintenance Agreement

The summers in Tallahassee, FL get very humid, which means a working air conditioner is a necessity. Not only is an AC important for indoor comfort, but you’ll also need one for health reasons. Hot, humid summers without air conditioning can cause heat stroke, excessive fatigue, and dizziness.

In order to keep your home cool, you may need to have your AC on constantly, and constant use means wear and tear on many of the system’s parts. Investing in AC maintenance is important if you want your AC to run efficiently summer after summer. In fact, AC maintenance should be one of your priorities this spring. Here are some benefits of investing in an AC maintenance agreement.

1. Extends the Lifespan of Your AC

Having technicians come out to inspect your AC annually can extend the lifespan of your AC. They will replace worn-out parts, lubricate any areas that need to be oiled, and check for leaks. These small fixes and replacements add up to a better and more efficient machine. An AC unit is no different from maintaining a car. A car needs oil changes, air in its tires, and regular inspections. AC units need the same care to keep running well year after year.

2. Less Frequent Repair Issues

When technicians inspect your AC, they’re not only making sure you’re well prepared for the summer; they also take preventative measures by catching small issues that could lead to larger breakdowns in the future. Having a sudden breakdown in the middle of summer can be costly and dangerous. Our technicians catch and fix small problems long before they have a chance to cause a catastrophe.

3. You Will Have a Warranty

Some AC repairs can be expensive, so having a warranty will give you peace of mind that your repairs will be covered. When you invest in an AC maintenance agreement, you’ll save money in the long run.

4. Lower Your Energy Bills

When your AC isn’t running efficiently, it strains the system, making it work harder. This, ultimately, drives up your energy bills. However, a well-maintained AC running at its peak can save you up to 30% on your energy bill.

5. Improves Your Indoor Air Quality

A poorly maintained air conditioner may also mean neglected and clogged air filters. When you fail to change out the air filters, they can no longer filter out contaminants, and these contaminants continue to circulate in your indoor air space. This decrease in indoor air quality can cause congestion and worsen allergies.

If you need annual maintenance, contact us at Payne’s Air Conditioning and Heating. We offer an AC maintenance agreement that will help keep your AC running smoothly all summer.